Anne Sibbald

On what makes a good life?

“I think there are two primary governing emotions: love and fear. If you try to live your life governed by love, then I think you’ll have a pretty good life. But it’s not easy because fear is the basis and you don’t always know that you’re afraid, and you don’t always know what it is you’re afraid of but if you manage to figure that out, or sometimes you get that light bulb of ‘oh gosh that’s what’s really bothering me’ and overcome that, then I think that can lead to development and an even more satisfactory life.

That’s a big thing, and there are lots of small things, lots of building blocks. I think that remembering to be grateful for the little things that happen every day. There are obviously things like family and friends, satisfying work, but the fact that the sun is shining beautifully today, or that you give your pet a cuddle, or that a flower opened that wasn’t open the day before, I mean it sounds very sort of la-la but I do think that that helps create a good life – all those building blocks add up.”  ~ Anne Sibbald

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