“If we could plant something good along the way, God always will water it and make It grow.  I learned a long time ago that if you put one seed of wheat in the ground, a plant will come up and hundreds of seeds will come from that one seed.  If you plant a hundred, then you have hundreds more coming up. I’ve seen that because on the farm I’ve watched it, I watched those fields, I’ve watched those seeds grow. Wheat, barley, oats whatever, multiples from one seed.  And in this case here, if I plant a good seed with my children, and tell them good positive things, then they can do the same for their friends, or whoever they walk by and tell some good things because the more good things we tell, the more good things we’ll see, the more good people we’ll become and the more people will become better people because of it. They’ll say ‘hey that guy’s always happy’, or ‘that guy can do some many things’ – I wonder what makes him to do that’. It creates a curiosity in everybody to want to get better. And I’ll never quit telling these stories because they’re meaningful stories. They are a lot better than the ones you hear at the pub, or at the dope centre, they’re a whole lot better stories. And they penetrate more, where they’re supposed to penetrate – in our heart.  You see, I learned that God is one simple, small word … L. O. V. E. That’s who god is. And man you just don’t get any better medicine than that no matter where you go because it’s free, and it works. Love penetrates anything. You could find the biggest geek around, but if you talk to him about love he has to stop and say ‘what did you say’, you know.”   ~ Mervyn


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