“I had four other artists and myself, we invited two other artists, rented the big hall, rented lighting, had a little harpist, and a speaker and it was like New York show.  We each had a space in the big hall to put our work, and I put mine, and it was different once again from what I was doing.   And they gathered quite a few people who had bought my work and they were mumbling and disgruntled, and I was facing them.  One  of them spoke up and said ‘we all agree that you have betrayed us. We bought your work when we thought you were going someplace. We believed in you and now you’ve gone to this crazy way of painting. We don’t understand it, and we think you should go back to where you were. And therefore we want to tell you that we’re disappointed in you.’

Fortunately the glass blower John Phillips was there and he came to stand beside me and face this crowd. And he said ‘I want you guys to know that you have no understanding of what an artist should be. Doris is courageous, she knows she has to go further with her art and you have to allow her to do that. Selling it to you is very nice but it’s not the most important thing in her life. It’s you that has to go along with Doris.’

So it was a disappointment to think the people that loved my work no longer loved what I was doing, but it also was a reaffirmation of what I should do.”   – Doris

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